"When I asked Emily to document our wedding, I didn’t comprehend the treasure we would be getting. The pictures were absolutely beautiful. They captured the very essence of our day. They didn’t feel posed or awkward, but rather felt totally natural and candid. She is an amazing story teller. She also was such a joy to have around. She felt like family. I couldn’t imagine our special day without her there. "

-The Rajalas


"Choosing a photographer for our event was as big a decision as we made during the grueling “wedding prep” season. W knew the moments of the day would be beautiful, and fleeting, and that we would miss most of them. We wanted to see the smiles on each guest’s face, to enjoy the sunset over the vineyard, and to be able to fully absorb all the magic of the night. Emily Nystrom gave us access to all of this. She captured the day, moment after moment, in such a way that we can look back and enjoy each on in turn, at our leisure. She was professional, unobtrusive, and incredibly fun to have with the wedding party. Most significantly, Emily made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera. Her photos give us the sense of omniscience—of knowing what the night felt like for each person there—while also bringing us intimately close to the day and each other."

-The Kahlers